DIFY’s Interview with Telum

Our Co-founder and Operations Director, Marjorie, recently spoke to Telum Media about the humble beginnings of DIFY as well as the adaptations the company went through in view of Covid-19. As we all know, it is always a thrill to get interviewed so we are taking this opportunity to do a follow-up session with Marj to bask in these five minutes of fame ;)

Our co-founder, Marjorie, had a chat with Telum Media discussing her inspiration to run a boutique agency and the various challenges the company faced as a young start-up.

Our co-founder, Marjorie, had a chat with Telum Media discussing her inspiration to run a boutique agency and the various challenges the company faced as a young start-up.

N: Hey Marj, how was it like to speak to Telum Media to discuss DIFY and its operations?

Marjorie: Hello Novy! Thanks for taking the time to speak to me. Talking to Telum Media was an exciting experience since it's my first (solo!) media interview. It was also a good opportunity for me to reflect on what DIFY has accomplished so far and how we have grown since Day 1.

N: Ever since Covid-19 took over, there have been many changes in the workplace and team dynamics. What are some things you like and dislike about the changes?

Marjorie: The work-from-home (WFH) arrangement started before the circuit breaker announcement came in and we are still practicing it, but it was a huge change to our small team within a short time span. Through this crisis, I see the team pushing themselves out of the comfort zone and growing their skillsets and capabilities individually and I love seeing that! However, I dislike that WFH has took away a certain level of intimacy and expression. While virtual calls and meetings have become the main mode of communication, it cannot replace physical interactions for now. Talking to a screen (even though you can see the other party) is a lot colder and more distant as compared to meeting in person!

N: What do you miss most in the ‘old normal times’, pre-Covid?

Marjorie: I miss most the casual hangouts we have as a team! These hangouts provided opportunities for us to take a break from work, to bond with one another, and a time for us to rant and celebrate all at the same time. Ever since Covid-19 took over, it does seem that we have been harsher on ourselves and forget how to take a breather.

N: If a time traveller spoke to you in January 2020 to tell you about the upcoming changes brought on by Covid-19, what would you have done differently?

Marjorie: Wow, this is a question that I have thought of a few times but till now, I don't have an answer to it. There are many things that I would want to do differently but at the same time, will we ever be fully prepared? Will my new actions bring about a new ripple effect? Haha I'm going a little Marvel here, but you do see where I'm going with this right? [inserts cry-laugh emoji] Okay, but seriously one significant change I will make is to be more open about myself and share my thoughts with my people earlier. My fears and panic did me in a little when I closed myself in and that affected the people around me too. While we won't ever be able to change what's about to happen, we can change our mindset on how to face it.

N: How challenging is it to manage the operations of a start-up?

Marjorie: Very challenging! There are a lot of moving parts in a company and it does take time to figure out what might be the most optimal and least complicated way to operate (this is a constant work-in-progress). It is helpful when everyone in the team plays their part to make this process a lot easier and smoother.

N: Any tips/advice for new business owners when it comes to their own business operations?

Marjorie: Haha, I think I still consider myself as a new business owner, so I am not sure if my tip/advice will be considered useful, maybe more of a takeaway instead! Having run DIFY for 2 years, my biggest takeaway is to go with the flow. There are 101 things that you can plan, prepare and attempt to predict but Murphy's Law is always there. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong and most of the time it's not just about being prepared for all kinds of scenario, but to be ready to face problems when they arise. Enjoy the process!

N: Thanks, Marj! I hope you get featured in more interviews and spokesperson profiling! ;)

Read the full article between Marjorie and Telum Media here!


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