June 11: DIFY’s Special Day

When you think of June, what do you think of? Is it the warm, humid weather? Month-long holidays? End of #circuitbreaker? For us in DIFY, June is a special month and especially so on June 11, because this humble little agency of ours turns two years old! (cues confetti, glitter, sparkle, round of applause, cake etc.)

DIFY's Birthday.gif

The idea of DIFY started in the minds of our co-founders Roy & Marjorie in the beginning of 2018 — back when the both of them were marketers in a Blockchain company. Back then, the term ‘Blockchain’ and the idea of this new technology was not common knowledge; you have to be in the industry to know what it is, and how it works. Both Roy & Marjorie realised this quickly and identified the gap between ‘Blockchain’ and the masses, and that there is not one specialised (PR) agency that could help bridge this gap. And as how all marketers work, a rough SWOT analysis was done up and the duo uncovered the many market opportunities that could come up with the right agency and timing.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, Roy wanted to have a company to call his own and to build a team and a ‘work family’. This vision of his coincides with Marjorie’s, who wanted to create a strong team culture in the workplace to ensure harmony and efficiency. Their similar visions for an ideal work environment pushed them forward to address the gap that they have previously identified, and they then made the decision to leave their old workplace and to start a company that integrates all the missing elements in the world of Blockchain — and thus, DIFY was born.

From starting the company, to hiring its first staff, to shifting offices, to losing old clients and getting new ones, there has never been a dull period in DIFY. There have been countless painful lessons, and more rewarding experiences. There have been great losses, but even greater wins. The important thing, though, is that the team in DIFY has really grown into a work family with a strong team culture — just like how the two founders envisioned it to be. As of this post today, there are currently 9 of us in DIFY, but the spirit and resilience of this team goes beyond that. Here in DIFY, no matter how small we started and no matter how big we will grow in future, we are always better together.

As part of our birthday/anniversary celebration, we thought it would be nice to have the team recount their favourite experience, project, memory or just anything they like about being in this company to commemorate the occasion. To prove that there wasn’t a memo sent to everyone to “better praise the team on DIFY’s birthday, or else”, each member of the team was approached individually to ensure objectivity. The results were heartwarming, to say the very least. And each recollection of favourite memories were similar, yet uniquely different to each individual’s experience. Here goes!


Indeed, like so many of us who said it, we are truly better together.

Here’s to the investors who believed in us, to the clients who trusted us, to the ones we bade goodbye to, to the ones we said hello to, to the wins and losses, to the ups and downs, to the team that always shows up — DIFY would not be where we are and what we are today without all of you.

To more birthdays, to more anniversaries, to more great milestones and achievements to come! Thank you and let’s go next.


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