What exactly is our expertise?
We are glad you want to know.


Digital Solutions

A comprehensive marketing communication plan is effective if all channels are aligned, and this is what we do for you. We create content for your social media platforms and we make sure you become a favourite with your intended audience too. That’s not all, as we take the time to monitor the performance and do up engagement reports for you to track the analytics as well. Think of all the time saved with us on board. #efficiency


Public Relations

You’ve got a thing going but word is not getting out. We take on the role of finding suitable outlets for you to introduce and promote your product, including liaison with traditional and blockchain media, follow-up with all publications, introduction of relevant contacts for potential collaborations, recommendation of events to attend etc. More than just PR, we are in the business of helping you and your company thrive.


Events & Activations

The next best way to engage your audiences and remain relevant is to host an event to reinforce your brand message and overall brand impression. You give us the directives, and we will execute everything for you; from the planning to the hosting of the actual event. We take everything out of your hands so that you can focus on what you do best – products and solutions to solve problems.


Industries We Service

As an integrated agency, we do our best to service clients from all industries and sectors. While our expertise lies in Blockchain, Crypto, Consumer Tech, Esports and Fintech amongst the other traditional industries, we are constantly looking for new categories to challenge ourselves and to improve on our skillsets to better service all our clients. If your business happens to be within the industries that we specialise in, great! And if your business isn’t, we hope to be able to learn and understand more of your business objectives — after all, we are in the business of helping yours thrive.

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